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Aligning a sustainability strategy across stakeholders

Client – Consumer healthcare organisation

Challenge and approach

Our client, a newly formed Sustainability team in the early stages of designing their sustainability strategy, required support to rapidly accelerate its development for communication to the Board. We provided support to agree and document the sustainability strategy, implement an effective programme structure, and create a delivery roadmap to achieve the team’s strategic goals and objectives.


An agreed execution roadmap and understanding of key priorities and timelines. Clarity within the Sustainability team on the key activities and sequencing to implement the strategy, where there will be demand on the business and the investment and resource required. More efficient and streamlined governance structures and processes, incorporating agile methodology and behaviours, to drive and demonstrate progress in a regular and transparent manner.

Our deliverables

  • Sustainability strategy design
  • Overall investment case
  • Portfolio prioritisation


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Our insights

Meet some of our team

  • Charles Withey
    Charles Withey

    Deputy Head of Sustain

  • Jen Nixon
    Jen Nixon

    Sustainability Lead

    Gate One
  • Sarah Bosworth
    Sarah Bosworth

    Sustainability Consultant

  • Sukh Plaha
    Sukh Plaha

    Circular Economy Lead

    Gate One