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Central Office for Public Interest

Client – Air Pollution Index

Challenge and approach

Awareness of Air pollution among Londoners was high, but the Central Office for Public Interest (COPI) uncovered that people felt removed from the problem. We needed a way to make it feel closer to home – to spark debate, create urgency and inspire the public to lobby their local MP to do more to protect London’s lungs.

To make the issue personal we launched the country’s first Air Pollution Rating in partnership with King’s College London; the only rating system that shows air pollution levels by address and adds the health and economic cost impact.


We shared environmental, health and financial data and offered spokespeople ranging from COPI’s head campaigner to property market experts and King’s College researchers, placing the story across national broadcast, print and online media.

Our deliverables

  • 40 media articles​
  • 70k report users​
  • 60k petition signatures ​


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