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People, culture & change

Changing mindsets towards sustainability & communicating a culture of sustainability with employees. Inspire and empower diverse employee groups to own and embrace the change, including leadership development.

Businesses must work harder to add further value and investment to the employees, societies and local communities in which they work.
We believe that achieving meaningful progress in sustainability requires commitment and action from everyone within the organisation – from leaders through to frontline teams. Furthermore, sustainability is increasingly a key driver of employer reputation, impacting an organisation’s ability to attract and retain talent.
We provide a holistic approach to help you build, codify and communicate a culture of sustainability. We seek to inspire and empower diverse employee groups to own and embrace change, through compelling communications and supportive programmes.

Typical challenges include

  • Employees now want to work with companies that mirror their values and where they can see tangible action being taken
  • They want to be working with their company to drive change
  • Employees are now more likely than ever to reject a potential employer on the basis of their sustainability track record
  • Or to move to a company where there is a stronger sense of purpose and commitment to sustainability issues

Our services

  • Leadership development & alignment
  • Behaviour & culture change
  • Internal comms
  • Learning comms
  • Employee value proposition
  • Employee engagement & advocacy

of employees don’t feel well-informed about the work their company is doing around sustainability.

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  • Caro Ruttledge
    Caro Ruttledge

    Head of People Change

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    David Holliday

    Genus Lead, Partner

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    Jen Nixon

    Sustainability Lead

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    Spiro Comitis

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    Circular Economy Lead

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    Tony Mattson

    Head of Strategy

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