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Meaningful brand survey

Every second, the world is changing

The science is abundantly clear. Rapid, far-reaching changes are required in all aspects of society. With COP26 shuddering a deafening urgency in us all, cost of living stretching pockets and post lockdown life increasing burnout rates; the sustainability landscape has changed.

The Davos Manifesto emphasizes how important it is for businesses to steward planet and people. Even though positive change is happening, the reality is, the speed and scale is woefully inadequate.

Institutions and governments struggle to implement their plans and lobbying for regulation change is confronted with endless bureaucracy. Yet the struggle is being felt across business the most.

A ground swell of consumer demand is met by a sea of forgotten employees wanting their values to be matched by their employers. Leaving a scenario of confusion, frustration and anticipation.

It starts with ‘us’

Change is all of our responsibility. The shift we need to make requires us all to connect, to listen, and to act. Which is why the case for change starts with us all.

The Study is valuable in multiple ways

  1. A case for systemic sustainability, that identifies the biggest risks and rewards for businesses
  2. A holistic view that connects consumers, employees and C-Suite leaders to offer the full picture
  3. Recognise the threats, & needs that brands can capitalise on to build a competitive advantage
  • Sustainable change takes everyone

This study is an in-depth analysis of qualitative research using a multi-disciplined methodology conducted by a robust list of research partners

  • Meaningful brands
  • YouGov – Cati Survey
  • YouGov – Online Survey
  • Ambitions aren’t being met across the board


of consumers don’t think company’s actions are cutting it.


of employees feel their expectations aren’t being met by their employers.


of C-Suite leaders say nothing has been implemented.


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  • Adaora Geiger
    Adaora Geiger

    Head of Transformation & Change

  • Whitney Hollis
    Whitney Hollis

    Sustainability Strategist

    Conran Design Group
  • Sarah Bosworth
    Sarah Bosworth

    Sustainability Consultant

  • Spiro Comitis
    Spiro Comitis

    Energy Lead

    Gate One
  • Emily Bird
    Emily Bird

    Junior Sustainability Consultant

    Conran Design Group