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‘Rebuilding Britain Index’ helps drive government environmental policy

Client – Legal & General

Challenge and approach

We design and deliver Legal & General’s flagship quarterly campaign, the ‘Rebuilding Britain Index’, exploring how the UK is performing against the UK Government’s levelling up agenda, and feeding into the policy debate. This explores how the UK’s energy and environmental performance varies, and where the greatest need for investment lies. The index combined secondary data with UK consumer sentiment to create the quarterly index encompassing themes on the ‘building back better’ agenda.

We designed and created an engaging Index report and interactive map of the UK to help reinforce and drive audience engagement. This report was also split into separate social graphics and distributed across social media platforms.


L&G has achieved extensive tier one coverage across print, online and broadcast media (including The Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, BBC, the Today programme, Sky News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV) across all four waves of the Index.

Locally targeted briefings of the Index findings were shared with approximately 150 government officials and MPs across the course of 2021, used to fuel meeting programmes with MPs in regions of key interest to the client.

Our deliverables

  • External Communications
  • Research
  • Public Affairs & lobbying
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media relations


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