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Guide to COP27 – A Cicero/amo briefing

Looking ahead to Sharm El-Sheikh, the Egyptian Government has made clear its intention for COP27 to signal a turn in the road. Moving on from the emphasis on raising targets to cut emissions to support the Paris temperature goal, the focus is expected to settle squarely on delivery and implementation, nationally and internationally, which will emphasise climate finance and adaptation.

At a national level, the Egyptian Presidency will be looking to prompt global delegates to turn nationally determined contributions (NDCs) – the individual country pledges – into tangible action. The publication of their own National Climate Change Strategy 2050 earlier this year, which pledges investments of US$211bn for mitigation and US$112bn for adaptation, marks a step forward in Egypt’s own ambition.

Where COP27 will set itself apart from other landmark summits will be in its commitment to bringing African voices to the forefront of the proceedings. The recent Africa Strategy for Climate Change and Resilience 2022-32 has been hailed as the cornerstone to ensure a united African voice ahead of the conference, launched during this year’s Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC). The Egyptian Presidency has made clear that their aim is to ensure the consensus achieved allows all Parties to benefit, but particularly considers issues felt most acutely in Africa.
The forthcoming summit will mark the fifth time a COP has taken place on African soil; most recently, Marrakech hosted the 22nd Summit in 2016, setting out adaptation, agriculture and, critically, Africa as its triplet of priorities.
Now, Egypt is looking to take up the mantle and will use the forthcoming summit to focus on the impact of climate change on the continent, which remains one of the most vulnerable to climate related risks. As a developing country, the focus of the Egyptian Government is on climate finance and adaptation because it remains in need of the technical and financial support to adapt. The diminished focus on carbon reduction pledges in comparison to previous years has caused concern among some observers, but the Government has emphasised that they continue to work towards their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and securing the transition to clean energy.

This briefing includes

  • Goals of the Egyptian Presidency
  • Full programme for the summit
  • Key national and international individuals who will shape the agenda
  • How corporates can engage

The briefing note can be read in full here.

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